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Advancing to Candidacy Print E-mail

Doctoral students are eligible for advancement to candidacy after they have passed their qualifying exam.

Eligibility for advancement to candidacy. To be advanced to candidacy, doctoral students must:

1)    satisfy the foreign language requirement, if applicable (no foreign language requirement in physics);
2)    pass the Qualifying Examination;
3)    have no more than two courses graded Incomplete;
4)    have a minimum 3.0 grade-point-average in all upper division and graduate work taken in graduate standing

When a student has satisfied the eligibility requirement listed above, the student submits an application for advancement to candidacy to Anne Takizawa in 372 LeConte, accompanied by a check in the amount of $90, made payable to U.C. Regents. The application for advancement to candidacy can be found on the Graduate Division website ( (Plan B Ė Application for Candidacy for the Doctoral Degree)

On this form you must identify your dissertation committee that consist of three members (or four members if you are working with an outside adviser).

Signatures required on the form:
1) Studentís signature and Dissertation Chairís (Research Adviser) signature 
2)  Head Graduate Adviser 

The advancement form should be filed no later than the end of the semester following the one in which the student passed the Qualifying Examination. Examinations more than five years old are not accepted as representing current knowledge.

Reduction in Nonresident Tuition

Non-resident graduate students who have been advanced to candidacy for the doctorate receive a 100% reduction in their annual nonresident tuition fee, subject to the understanding that:

1)    A graduate doctoral student is eligible for the reduced nonresident tuition rate for a maximum calendar period of three years, whether registered or not; and

2) Any such student who continues to be enrolled or who re-enrolls after the three-year period will be charged the full nonresident tuition rate that is in effect at the time.