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Events in Physics
Title: Lazy Vs Sloppy: The Epic Story Of Energy, Entropy, Temperature, The Ultimate Fate Of The Universe And The Role Of Divine Intervention    (Special)
Start Date: 06/11/2013
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Pimentel Hall, UC Berkeley campus
Speaker: Professor Eric Cornell
Affiliation: University of Colorado at Boulder, JILA & NIST, 2001 Nobel Prize Winner
Contact Person: Helena Weiss-Duman, PMP   (510) 643-6493

Eric Cornell will give a one-hour informal presentation touching on some on some of the most profound ideas in science.  What does "temperature" really mean?  How does water "decide" whether it should be liquid or solid ice?  How can scientists say "the disorder of the universe always increases", when we see examples all around us of beauty and order coming newly into existence, seemingly spontaneously?  Although the lecture will cover some very sophisticated scientific topics, Cornell's discussion will be largely qualitative and any math used will be at the level of a high school sophomore science class.