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Events in Physics
Title: Free Lecture "Other Worlds: From Imagination To Image"    (Special)
Start Date: 10/07/2005
Time: 8:00 pm
Location: Zellerbach Auditorium
Speaker: Geoffrey Marcy, Reinhard Genzel, Antoine Labeyrie

"Other Worlds: From Imagination to Image, The Great
Challenge of Building Supertelescopes in Search of Extraterrestrial

Three of the most innovative scientists in astronomy and astrophysics
will discuss how new space and ground-based exploration technologies
are expanding the vision of modern science and of our place in the
universe. The lecture will include presentations from:

Geoffrey Marcy (session chair), professor of astronomy at UC Berkeley

Reinhard Genzel, scientific director at the Max Planck Institute for
Extraterrestrial Physics

Antoine Labeyrie, astronomer at the Observatory of Calern

The lecturers will describe how optical/infrared interferometers* and
very large telescopes of the next generation are helping scientists to
search for and image "Earth-like" planets several tens of light-years
away, investigate the environment of black holes and cores of
galaxies, and explore regions where new planets might be formed.

This very special free event also honors the 90th birthday of UC
Berkeley faculty member Charles Townes, who received the Nobel Prize
in 1964 for his work on laser technology. Early arrival is recommended
- space is limited at the event. 

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