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Jonathan Arons earned his Ph.D. in Astronomy from Harvard in 1970. He was a post-doctoral fellow at the Princeton University Observatory in 1970-71, and at the Institute for Advanced Study in 1971-72. He joined the Astronomy Department at UC Berkeley in 1972, and the Physics Department in 1980. Fellowships and honors include: Woodrow Wilson and Danforth Graduate Fellowships, 1965-70; Guggenheim Fellowship, 1980; Miller Professorships, 1985-86 and 2002-03; elected as an APS Fellow in 1984. He currently serves as Executive Director of the Miller Institute and as Director of the Theoretical Astrophysics Center.
Jonathan Arons
Research: Astrophysics
Campus Office:
B-20, C-54 Hearst Field Annex
Phone: (510) 915-5359
Fax: (510) 642-3411