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Physics @ Berkeley
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Professor of Physics, UC Berkeley, since 1955, Professor Emeritus since 1991.B.S. from Juniata College; Ph.D. from University of Illinois, 1949. Research appointments and Instructor at Stanford, 1950-1952; Research Physicist, IBM Watson Scientific Computing Laboratory, 1952-1955; Associate Research Professor, Miller Institute for Basic Research, Berkeley, 1958-1959; Research Professor, 1966-1967, 1985-1986; Guggenheim Fellow (Oxford) 1961-1962; 1969-1970; Honorary Fellow, Brasenose College, 1966; Eastman Professor, Balliol College, 1988-1989; Alexander von Humboldt Award (Heidelberg) 1976-1977; Faculty Research Lecturer, University of California, Berkeley, 1979. Recipient: Buckley Prize, American Physical Society; Prize of the International Society of Magnetic Resonance; Wolf Foundation Prize in Physics; Comstock Prize, National Academy of Sciences. D.Sc. Juniata College, D.Sc. Purdue University; D. Sc., Dr. rer. nat.,University of Stuttgart. Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Member, National Academy of Sciences. Foreign Member: French Academy of Sciences; Fellow of the Royal Society; The Slovenian Academy of Sciences.
Erwin L Hahn
Professor Emeritus
Research: Condensed Matter Physics And Materials Science
Campus Office:
257 Birge
Phone: (510) 642-2305