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Issue 3, Volume 3
February 2010


It's been an auspicious start to the new year for the Physics Department. We’ve celebrated the 50th anniversary of the laser at LaserFest, and as always, our faculty has been making news. Following please find a few highlights from January ’10:


Professor Emeritus and Nobel Laureate Charles Townes was honored at LaserFest, an exhibit and lecture sponsored by the Physics Department and the Lawrence Hall of Science. Read more about the event and about the 50th anniversary of the laser:

View webcast here.

For more information about LaserFest and events in your area, please visit the LaserFest website:


Cosmologist Saul Perlmutter Named a 2010 Senior Miller Fellow

For more information about Professor Perlmutter’s research, click here:

Professor Art Rosenfeld Retires as California Energy Commissioner

Professor Emeritus Art Rosenfeld retired this month as California Energy Commissioner. Read this article from The LA Times about why the United States owes him huge thanks for saving us billions of dollars!,0,3618304,full.story

And if you really want to learn more about Art Rosenfeld and his science, you can view the webcasts from the Energy Symposium given in honor of his 80th birthday in 2006:

Newsletter Correction

In the 2009 Physics Newsletter, we made an error in an article about the newly established Jackson C. Koo Award. Dr. Jackson C. Koo was incorrectly referred to as an Engineer. He was indeed a Physicist. Read here to learn about Dr. Koo’s life and the award:


Save the Dates!

The Physics Department is sponsoring two fantastic lectures this Spring, so mark your calendars now:

March 1 at 5 pm
Pauley Ballroom
The J. Robert Oppenheimer Lecture
A Lecture by Frank Wilczek Nobel Laureate and the Herman Feshbach Professor of Physics at MIT
"Anticipating a New Golden Age"
Fundamental physics is poised to take a great leap forward in coming years. An extraordinary instrument - the Large Hadron Collider or LHC - will enable us to see whether some gorgeous ideas about the ultimate laws of physics describe reality correctly. Nature has given us hints: Is she teaching, or teasing? In a multimedia presentation including rap video, spectacular images, some amazing ideas, and a few jokes, I'll demonstrate why this is an especially exciting time to be a physicist - or a curious person.

April 1
(location and time tbd)
The Berkeley Center for Theoretical Physics presents…
A Lecture by Professor Savos Dimopoulos
The Hamamoto Professor of Physics, Stanford University
"Particle Physics in the 21st Century"

Saturday, April 17, 2010
Join us in the Physics Department for lectures (Think: Antimatter! Dark Energy! and more!) and Hands-On fun, including LaserFest exhibits. We look forward to seeing you and your families on CalDay.



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