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Issue 4, Volume 1
March 2008

Visit Your Old Stomping Grounds on Cal Day! Bring the Whole Family to the Physics Department!

Saturday April 12, 2008
The following faculty lectures and departmental events will be taking place. Physics alumni should visit the hospitality suite in 375 LeConte!

10 – 11 am
4 LeConte Hall
Super Superconductors!

These aren’t your grandmother’s superconductors; these are high temperature superconductors! These new materials, able to carry electricity without resistance or loss, just might revolutionize the way we get energy and how much we pay for it. They could even make trains go as fast as planes. Professor Alessandra Lanzara.

11 am – Noon
Pimentel Hall
Physics for Future Presidents

Attend one of the most popular classes on campus and walk away with some basic knowledge that any well-informed president of the United States or world-leader should have. From nukes to global warming, from dirty bombs to the Theory of Relativity, this discussion will give listeners of all ages a conceptual understanding of the most important topics in physics. Professor Rich Muller.

Noon – 1 pm
4 Le Conte Hall
Panel Discussion of the Physics Undergraduate Program
Faculty advisers, student services staff, and current students present an overview of the educational and research opportunities for Berkeley physics students. Professor and Chair Frances Hellman.

1 – 2 pm
1 Le Conte Hall
Fun with Physics: Why Should Students Have All the Fun?
Sparks and explosions! Witness first-hand the most jaw-dropping lab demonstrations at Cal--from the merely amazing to the simply spectacular. These demos are student favorites in physics classrooms at Berkeley. Professor Bob Jacobsen.

2 – 3 pm
4 Le Conte Hall
The Ubiquitous SQUID (No, Not the 10-armed kind)
Find out what superconductors really are, and how they’ve made possible magnetic resonance imaging and the world's largest particle accelerator. Learn how SQUIDS (that’s Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices) have revolutionized cosmology and medical imaging. And find out what a floating magnet has to do with superconductors!

10 am – 3 pm
Hands On Physics
Physics is Phun! Don’t miss interactive hands-on exhibits and demonstrations for all ages. Physics majors and graduate students.
235, 245, 248 LeConte

10 am – 2 pm
Undergraduate Poster Sessions

Experience a real physics poster session and witness the amazing research done by undergraduate physics students.
251 LeConte

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