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Issue 1, Volume 1
September 2007

Frances Hellman Named New Chair of the Physics Department

Frances Hellman, a Condensed Matter and Materials Scientist, was named Chair of the Physics Department at UC Berkeley as of August 1, 2007. Her group’s research concentrates on the properties of novel magnetic and superconducting materials, especially in thin film form. read more.

Biology and Chemistry in the Physics Department?

More-or-less complete part lists are now available for many biological systems, from E. coli to mice to humans. The 'butterfly-counting' phase of biology is over. The focus of biology is changing to discovering the basic physical principles that govern biological systems. Biologists are now beginning to use words like flux, noise, and force in their papers. read more.

The Compass Project Helps Incoming Physics Majors Find Their Way

A group of dynamic Physics grad students, including Badr Faisal Albanna, Hal Haggard, Angie Little and Benji Aleman, know what it’s like to be incoming freshmen interested in the physical sciences — daunting. The rigors of a major in Physics, Astronomy or EPS can be a shock to the system, and many freshmen struggle to get through their first year. So, this group of graduate students decided to start the Compass Project, a program that creates a welcoming community for undergraduates from a wide variety of backgrounds interested in the physical sciences. read more.

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