Issue 1, Volume 1
September 2007

Frances Hellman Named New Chair of the Physics Department

Frances Hellman, a Condensed Matter and Materials Scientist, was named Chair of the Physics Department at UC Berkeley as of August 1, 2007. Her group’s research concentrates on the properties of novel magnetic and superconducting materials, especially in thin film form.

Hellman has been a Physics Professor at Berkeley since 2005. She holds a joint appointment in the Materials Science and Engineering Department and in the Materials Sciences Division of the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. She received her PhD in Applied Physics in 1985 from Stanford University, was a post-doctoral associate at AT&T Bell Labs, and then joined the University of California at San Diego as an assistant professor in 1987.

She was awarded the Joseph F. Keithly Award in 2005 from the American Physical Society for her work in using emerging micromachining techniques to significantly extend the range of calorimetry into the realm of nanoscale science.

Hellman is an active advocate for early science education and women in the physical sciences. Her passion for research, coupled with her community involvement and experience in outreach, will add new dimensions to the face of Physics at Berkeley

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