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Issue 6, Volume 3
November 2010


Antihydrogen Trapped for the First Time Ever!

University of California, Berkeley Physics Professors Joel Fajans and Jonathan Wurtele are part of the ALPHA team in Cern, Switzerland that has captured antihydrogen (and the imaginations of millions!). The full paper was published in Nature magazine on November 17, 2010. Read just a few of the articles published (from UC Berkeley News to Fox News) since the news broke:>

And if you want to learn more about antimatter, here’s a video of a public lecture that Professor Joel Fajans gave when the movie “Angels & Demons” premiered. The lecture is entitled Angels & Demons The Science Revealed: Why Physicists Would Love To Trap Antihydrogen, But The Vatican Need Not Fear...


We’ve put together a remarkable calendar of public events for the 2010/2011 academic year. We hope that you will mark your calendars and join us for any or all of these happenings! Times and venues are still to be determined, but the dates are confirmed.

Monday February 7
The Regents’ Lecture
Professor Sally Ride, University of California, San Diego

Monday March 14
The J. Robert Oppenheimer Lecture
Professor Lisa Randall, Harvard University

Cal Day!
Saturday April 16

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