How To Donate

How To Donate

The University of California, Berkeley offers a wide range of giving options and funding arrangements that help meet each donor's charitable goals and financial planning needs while meeting the Department's priorities.

For guidance on donating to Physics, please contact:

Rachel Schafer
Physics Department | University of California, Berkeley
388 LeConte Hall, MC 7300 | Berkeley, CA 94720 | (510) 662-3355 | Fax: (510) 643-8497

Payment Options


You may send a check payable to the UC Berkeley Foundation to Sylvie Mehner at the address above. You may designate your tax-deductible gift to a program or fund in the memo line. Fill out our gift form and send it with your check to Sylvie Mehner at the above address.
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Credit Card

You may elect to make a gift via a charge to a credit or debit card. Cards accepted for donations include VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. If you want to give to something other than those funds, please choose “Friends of Physics” and make note of your allocation in the comments section.

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Electronic Funds Transfer

Monthly payments via electronic funds transfer may be arranged through a donor’s financial institution and the UC Berkeley Foundation. Please fill out and mail in our ETF authorization form.
Download EFT authorization form.

Wire Transfer

Wire transfers are most commonly used for gifts made from outside the United States. Financial institutions provide minimal information on wire transfers, so to ensure proper disposition of the gifts, donors should alert the University that a wire transfer has been made by notifying the benefiting campus department, or University Relations Gift Administration.
Download wire transfer instructions.

Payroll Deduction for UC Berkeley Employees

Payroll deduction is an easy way for University employees to contribute on a monthly basis to almost any area of the University. Once an employee enrolls to make a gift via payroll deduction, funds are automatically deducted from the monthly paycheck and credited into the receiving account.
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Donation Types

Gift Planning

A planned gift may enable you to make a more significant gift than you thought possible while at the same time allowing you to achieve your financial, philanthropic, and estate planning goals. UC Berkeley’s Office of Gift Planning offers a comprehensive Web site featuring online tools that guide you through a variety of gift options.
Office of Gift Planning


Gifts of securities are recorded based on the mean market value of the stock, bond, or mutual fund on the date of gift, which is determined by the date the donor relinquishes control of the asset. Securities transactions are most easily handled if made through the UC Berkeley Foundation. Financial institutions provide minimal information on securities transfers, so to ensure proper disposition of the gifts, please contact us to let us know a securities transfer has been made.
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Gifts of tangible personal property for example, equipment, artwork or books that are donated for related educations purposes are recorded at their fair market value. Gifts-in-kind valued in excess of $500 should be accompanied by a deed of gift and the fair market value as determined by the donor. The IRS and the University require that gifts-in-kind valued at more than $5,000 also have an independent appraisal provided by the donor. 
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Pledges must be made in writing and include a commitment to a specific amount and payment schedule. Pledges may be paid over a period of five years from the time of the commitment in annual, semiannual, or quarterly installments. Pledge reminders will be mailed on an agreed-upon schedule unless the donor requests otherwise. Pledge payments may be in the form of cash, credit, or debit card charges, or wire or securities transfers.

Donors should indicate if their pledge includes an anticipated corporate matching gift, or if it may be fulfilled by a private or community foundation. Please fill out our pledge card and mail to the address above.

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Matching Gifts

Hundreds of companies currently match their employees’ gifts to UC Berkeley. You receive full credit for your matching gifts for the purposes of recognition and benefits. For receipting and tax reasons, the matched portion of the gift must be recorded on the corporation’s record.
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Memorial and Honorary Gifts

A memorial gift can help perpetuate the values and ideals that guided someone’s life. Honorary gifts commemorate a significant event or someone who is still living. Families of those so honored will be notified of your gift; the amount, however, remains a private matter. If you are interested in making a memorial or honorary gift, please make sure to provide the appropriate information when you make or submit your gift.
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Tax ID Numbers
UC Berkeley Foundation: 94-6090626
UC Regents: 94-6002123
If you do not know which Tax ID number to use, please contact Susan Houghton at