Guide for Instructors to the Lecture Demonstrations

Contact Lecture Demonstration Staff:
   Roberto Barrueto and Cindy Holmes
      510-642-3267 - 72 LeConte Hall
      510-642-4822 - B18 Pimentel Hall

For courses in LeConte Rooms 1, 2, 3, 4 and Pimentel lecture halls, here is how to request demonstrations:

1. Find the demonstrations you need

2. Request your demonstrations in one of three ways

Tips for best results:

What you can expect

For courses in other classrooms

Some of our demonstrations can checked out by faculty and graduate student instructors for use in physics lectures, labs, and discussion sections that meet in rooms other than LeConte 1-4 and Pimentel. Please check with Demo Staff (see contact information above) well in advance to see whether the demonstration you need is available. Some are too bulky or delicate to transport and others require facilities available only in the lecture halls. The instructor is responsible for checking the apparatus out from Demo Staff, setting it up, and returning it immediately after use. Please do not take apparatus from 72 LeConte without asking Demo Staff.

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