Spring 2019 Physics Course Schedule Updates

Spring 2019 Physics Course Schedule Updates

Physics 250 - Nuclear Physics
CCN#: 24131
Mondays and Wednesdays 10-11:30 AM, 397 LeConte

A graduate special topics class in Nuclear Physics will be given this Spring. The prerequisite is Quantum Mechanics at the undergraduate level. The class description is as follows:

We will cover topics in modern nuclear physics:
QCD and chiral symmetry
Nucleon structure, form factors and lepton scattering
Partons in nuclei, and their study using colliders
The nucleon-nucleon interaction
Building nuclei: quantum many-body systems and the shell model
Nuclear decays
Nuclear shapes, and rotational and vibrational excitations
Nuclear excited states and single particle transitions

The course will meet for 3 hours per week, with a mix of lectures and discussions.

The textbook is Foundations of Nuclear and Particle Physics by T.W. Donnelly, et al, plus additional reading on several of the topics will be available in the library.

The course grade will be based upon problem sets, discussion participation, and a take-home final exam.


Still room in these courses (10/29/18):
Physics 98BC & 198BC "Berkeley Connect"


Berkeley Connect is a mentoring program offered through various academic departments. Designed to help students build an intellectual community. Participate in small-group discussions facilitiated by a graduate student mentor.

For other enrollment questions email: physics-student-services@lists.berkeley.edu