Graduate Student Instructor (GSI)

Graduate Student Instructor (GSI)

We begin recruiting Summer and Fall Physics GSIs in March of the same year. We begin recruiting Spring Physics GSIs in October of the preceding year.

We are currently accepting Spring 2017 GSI applications from physics grad students and outside grad students. GSI application for physics grad students is different from the one for outside grad students. Please click on the appropriate link. 

Outside grad students: please note that the department did not appoint any outside grad students as Fall 2016 Physics GSIs. It seems unlikely that we will be able to appointment outside grad students as Spring 2017 Physics GSIs. If you are qualified, please submit Spring 2017 GSI applications with other departments that offer large services courses, such as Math, Statistics, etc. If that GSI application results in a Spring 2017 GSI appointment offer, we strongly recommend that you accept that offer.

The Physics Department only appoints 20 hr/wk (50%) GSIs. Except in cases of highly specialized physics courses, we do not appoint registered graduate students as Readers.


Prospective graduate students will not be considered. All non-physics graduate students MUST secure their faculty advisor's approval to hold a 20 hr/wk (50%) GSI appointment. Please consult your Student Services Advisor if you do not know who your faculty advisor is.

When submitting a Physics GSI application, please add your last name in front of the application file name and email to: Non-physics graduate students: If you have never taught for the Physics Department, you must attach your undergraduate transcript (unofficial copy OK) with your Physics GSI Application. You must be able to show you have completed the equivalent of the Physics 7 series.

Hiring order is as follows:

1. physics graduate students
2. outside graduate students who are continuing physics GSIs (preference for applicants with good GSI evaluations)
3. qualified outside graduate students with prior UCB non-physics teaching experience (preference for applicants with good GSI evaluations)
4. qualified outside graduate student with no prior UCB teaching experience

International students must provide proof that they have met the University's spoken English proficiency requirement

We will accept applications as long as there are GSI openings

Spring 2017 Physics GSI Orientation and Organizational Meetings is scheduled for Monday, January 11, 2017 beginning at 10 AM in 50 Birge. (Date subject to change.) Physics GSIs will pick their teaching assignments during the subsequent organizational meetings.

Campus Wide Teaching Conferences for First-tme GSIs

Fall campus wide teaching conferences for first-time GSIs are held on the Thursdays and Fridays before the first day of fall classes. Thursday conferences are for first time International GSI's and Friday conferences are for all first time GSI's.  Spring campus wide teaching conferences are help on the Fridays before the first day of spring classes, and they are for all first time GSIs. Pre-registration is required.

First time GSIs must enroll in a 375 GSI training course before or concurrently with their first semester of teaching at Berkeley.  Physics 375 is only offered in the fall.

First time GSIs teaching physics who cannot enroll in Physics 375 because of time conflicts may enroll in a 375 GSI training course in a comparable department. Instructor permission is required.

Click for GSI training courses in other departments.


The GSI Teaching and Resource Center provides pedagogical support and guidance for GSIs. Programs include orientation conferences, noon-hour workshops, course improvement grants, teaching awards, confidential consultations, the Teaching Perspectives newsletter, and the Language Proficiency Program for GSIs who do not speak English as a native language. The Center also houses a library of books, articles, videos, and other reference materials on teaching.

Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) Teaching and Resource Center
301 Sproul Hall
Phone: 510-642-4456
Fax: 510-643-1524

We will begin accepting 2016-2017 Physics OGSI nominations starting mid-Novemeber. We will post 2016-2017 Physics OGSI nomination information in November.