Graduate Student Instructor (GSI)

Graduate Student Instructor (GSI)

We begin recruiting Summer and Fall Physics GSIs in March of the same year. We begin recruiting Spring Physics GSIs in October of the preceding year.

Summer and Fall 2018 Physics GSI Applications are now available. Click here for the Summer 2018 Physics GSI Application. For Fall 2018, outside graduate students must use the Fall 2018 Physics GSI Application for Outside Graduate Students. Physics graduate students must use the Fall 2018 Physics GSI Application for Physics Graduate Students. We will accept GSI applications as long as there is a need; however, Physics graduate students should submit their fall GSI application by MONDAY, APRIL 9, 2018 to get priority.

GSI hiring order is as follows: 1) physics graduate students, 2) continuing or returning Physics GSIs from outside departments with high GSI evaluation scores, and 3) remaining qualified applicants. In Fall 2017, we appointed five outside graduate students as Physics GSIs, whereas in Spring 2018, we appointed twenty outside graduate students as Physics GSIs.

You must be logged into your account to submit a Physics GSI Application. Only one Physics GSI application per can be submitted. You do not have to complete your application in one sitting; however, you must submit your application to save any information you entered. You may return to your submitted application for further editing.

If you are not a native speaker of English, you must meet the Oral English Proficiency Requirement. The GSI Teaching and Resource Center's Language Proficiency Program information can be found at:

The GSI Center’s Language Proficiency Program staff will help you determine whether you need to take a language proficiency test or course to be appointed as a GSI.  Be aware that only the Language Proficiency Program staff can evaluate your Oral English Proficiency Requirement.

Please contact Donna Sakima (, if you have any questions.