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Issue 6, Volume 3, November 2010
Antihydrogen Trapped for the First Time Ever

Issue 5, Volume 3, October 2010
Emilio Segré Distinguished Lecture, Oct. 18
Berkeley Physics at top of NRC Ranking
Approved California Budget Good for UC Berkeley Physics

Issue 4, Volume 3, August 2010
Gerson Goldhaber (1924-2010)
Graphene Continues to Amaze
Understanding Antimatter
Studying Plasma Physics in the Solar Atmosphere
The Physics of Knuckleballs
Commencement 2010 Photographs

Issue 3, Volume 3, April 2010
CalDay Reminder

Issue 2, Volume 3, March 2010
Testing Gravity on a Very Large (i.e. Cosmological) Scale
Grappling with the Multiverse
Putting Einstein to the Test

Issue 1, Volume 3, February 2010
Cosmologist Saul Perlmutter Named a 2010 Senior Miller Fellow
Professor Art Rosenfeld Retires as California Energy Commissioner
Newsletter Correction

Issue 8, Volume 2, October 2009
Irreconcilable Differences? Maybe Not: High Energy and Condensed Matter Physicists Find Common Ground
Saving the “Grandeur of Berkeley”

Issue 7, Volume 2, August 2009
Making Strides in Energy Efficiency
SSL Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary
Stimulus Funds Go to the Important Work of the Berkeley Center for Theoretical Physics (BCTP)

Issue 6, Volume 2, June 2009
Physics 111 Lab Veterans
Video of Professor Paul Richards Accepting the Dan David Prize in Tel Aviv
ANGELS & DEMONS lecture video
Commencement 2009
CalDay and Commencement Photos
Red giant star Betelgeuse mysteriously shrinking
Bilayer Graphene Gets a Bandgap

Issue 5, Volume 2, May 2009
ANGELS & DEMONS: The Science Revealed
Why Physicists Would Love to Trap Antihydrogen but the Vatican Need Not Fear...

Issue 4, Volume 2, April 2009
CalDay Reminder
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Issue 3, Volume 2, February 2009
Major Awards for Professor Emeritus Paul Richards and Professor George Smoot
Two New Physics Professors Awarded the Sloan Fellowship
Smoot Makes a Guest Appearance on Television Sitcom "The Big Bang Theory"
Scientific American Explores Professor Alex Zettl's Carbon Nanotube Radio

Issue 2, Volume 2, December 2008
Steve Chu Named Energy Secretary
International Collaborations Answer Questions About the Universe

Issue 1, Volume 2, October 2008
Physics and the Brain
Webcasts of our Fall Public Lectures

Issue 6, Volume 1, August 2008
Physics for Future Presidents, the Book, Now Available – and Just in Time for the Election!
A Scale Sensitive Enough to Measure the Mass of a Single Atom of Gold
The Physics of Baseball
Dark Energy Explained on KQED’s Quest Program 
The Large Hadron Rap

Issue 5, Volume 1, May 2008
Professor Bill Holzapfel Leads The South Pole Telescope Project In A Search For Cosmological Clues
Cal Day Slideshow

Issue 4, Volume 1, April 2008

Issue 3, Volume 1, March 2008
Cal Physics Faculty Play Important Role at the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC)

Issue 2, Volume 1, December 2007
The World's First Nanotube Radio 
Berkeley Center for Cosmological Physics Opens
Soldiers in Iraq Take "Physics for Future Presidents"
The World's Smallest Piston

Issue 1, Volume 1, September 2007
Frances Hellman Named New Chair of the Physics Department
Biology and Chemistry in the Physics Department?
The Compass Project Helps Incoming Physics Majors Find Their Way