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Research opportunities in atomic, molecular and optical physics span a broad spectrum of topics, including: precision measurements; quantum and non-linear optics; laser cooling and atom trapping; short-pulse, high-power lasers; laser spectroscopy; beam-foil spectroscopy, and spectroscopy related to astrophysics. Ongoing experiments include precision measurements of parity violating effects in atoms, a search for the electric dipole moment of the electron, studies of Bose-Einstein condensation, the production and study of laser-induced plasmas, generation of ultra-short pulse x-rays, studies of causal superluminal wave propagation, creation of solitons in atomic vapors, and the spectroscopy of rare-earth atoms, molecules, and highly ionized charged plasmas. Atomic physics techniques, particularly atom and ion trapping, are exploited in experiments focusing on issues in particle and nuclear physics.

Physics Faculty
    Dmitry Budker
    Eugene D. Commins (E)
    Roger W. Falcone
Hartmut Haeffner
    Naomi Ginsberg
    Stephen R. Leone
    Richard Marrus (E)
    Holger Müller
    Dan M. Stamper-Kurn

Special facilities and activities include:
     Prof. William Lester's Group (Chem)
     Prof. Arup Chakraborty's Group (Chem Engr)
     Prof. David Chandler's Group (Chem)
     Magnetometer Test Facility