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Title: Oppenheimer Lecture "Scanning Cosmic Horizons"    (Special)
Start Date: 04/11/2005
Time: 5:45 pm
Location: Pimentel Hall1
Speaker: Dr. Martin Rees
Affiliation: Professor of Cosmology & Astrophysics, University of Cambridge
Contact Person: K. Lee   (510) 642-3034
Details: Cosmologists have made enormous progress towards answering some fundamental questions about our universe. They have discovered that the universe contains a surprising 'mix' of ingredients, traced the key stages of cosmic history right back to within a millisecond of a 'beginning', and can offer a long-range forecast for our universe. These advances, due mainly to new instruments and advanced technology, bring new questions into sharper focus which offer challenges for the coming decades. How did the first stars and galaxies form, at redshifts of 20 or more? What are the 'dark matter' and 'dark energy'? What are the key challenges on the interface between cosmology and microphysics? And is our 'observable universe' just a tiny -- and perhaps atypical -- fragment of physical reality?

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