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Title: 290F Atomic Physics Seminar    (Seminar)
Start Date: 10/26/2005
End Date: 10/26/2005
Time: 11:00 am
Location: 375 Le Conte Hall
Speaker: Erich Mueller
Affiliation: Cornell University
Contact Person: Daniel W. Tatum   (510) 643-4906

"Boson Pairing"

The idea of a paired state of Bosons dates back to the 50's, where it was introduced in analogy to Bardeen Cooper and Schrieffer's theory of superconductivity.  Experiments in ultracold atoms now have the ability to create such exotic paired states, which do not have single-particle order.  I will discuss crucial features of the phase transition between a paired and unpaired state, including questions of mechanical stability and the nature of vortices.