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Title: 290K Seminar "New Phenomena In Systems With Strong Spin-orbit Coupling"    (Seminar)
Start Date: 01/23/2006
Time: 2:30 pm
Location: 2 LeConte Hall
Speaker: Dr. Andrei Bernevig
Affiliation: Stanford University
Contact Person: Frances Hellman   (510) 642-6135

A great deal of work and interest has been focused on the physics of the electron spin in semiconductors, metals, insulators and other materials. Among these, the systems which are characterized by strong spin-orbit coupling hold a special place and exhibit a variety of new
phenomena. In classical transport in semiconductors, a propagating spin-charge collective mode appears that is qualitatively different from the diffusive charge transport. The propagating spin-charge mode is the hallmark of spin-orbit coupled electron systems with a Fermi surface. The Boltzmann transport equations are qualitatively different from the diffusive normal behavior. In quantum transport, I will touch on several proposed models for the realization of a quantum spin Hall effect (Haldane, Kane & Mele, Bernevig & Zhang) and the edge liquid that characterizes such a state. I will also briefly discuss the possibility of three-dimensional (bulk) quantization of certain response functions in systems with spin-orbit