Physics @ Berkeley
Professor of Physics, UC Berkeley, since 1951, Emeritus since 1978.B.A. from Cambridge University, England, 1938; Ph.D. from University of Wisconsin, 1941. Research Physicist at MIT, 1945-47; Research Physicist at Bell Telephone Laboratories, 1947-51; Guggenheim Fellow, 45 (post-service MIT), 1957 (Hawaii), 1965 (ENS, Paris); Miller Fellow, 1960-62. Recipient of the Buckley Prize for Solid State Physics, 1957; Oersted Medal, American Association of Physics Teachers, 1972; Berkeley Distinguished Teacher Award, 1970. Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences; member, National Academy of Sciences. Author: Introduction to Solid State Physics, 1st ed. 1953 - 7th ed. 1996, Quantum Theory of Solids, 1963, and (with C. Y. Fong) 1987, Thermal Physics, 1969 and (with H. Kroemer) 1980.
Charles Kittel
Professor Emeritus
Research: Condensed Matter Physics And Materials Science
Campus Office:
559 Birge
Fax: (510) 643-9473