How to Get Here

You can fly into San Francisco or Oakland International Airports. The Oakland Airport is closer to Berkeley. Airlines such as Alaska Airlines, Southwest Airlines, jetBlue and UnitedATA, is usually the least expensive carrier. fly into Oakland and are usually less expensive. To San Francisco,

From San Francisco International Airport, one way to get to UC Berkeley is to use door-to-door-shuttle Bayporter Express. When you exit the terminal, follow the sign to door-to-door shuttle. Talk to a person in red jacket, who coordinates shuttle vans. Tell him you are going to Berkeley. You typically wait 5-10 minutes for a shuttle van to come.

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) is another convenient way to get to campus. From the Oakland Airport you would get on the bus AirBart to the Coliseum/Oakland Airport BART station. Then take BART to Richmond, and get off at Downtown Berkeley station (not North Berkeley). See also public transportation to UC Berkeley. You can walk from BART station to UC Berkeley campus (see map of the campus; BART station is in C1), or can use campus shuttle. Door-to-door shuttle Bayporter Express can also take you to Berkeley.

Driving is not recommended in Berkeley because parking and traffic can be a nightmare. Public transportation is recommended. Nonetheless, here are driving directions to LeConte Hall.

Please Note: It is highly suggested that you park on Piedmont Avenue, Bancroft Avenue, or one of the other surrounding streets around the campus; there is no available parking on campus for the general public. Parking regulations are strictly enforced.