Something's always happening in the Donald A. Glaser Lab

Monday, December 14, 2015

The Donald A. Glaser Lab is home to Physics 111a, which covers electronics, data acquisition and control. At the end of the semester students partner up to create a final project. Here are a few projects from the Fall 2015 semester.


Watch a video of an Inverted Pendulum project by Taylor Wingard and Robert Bentley:


Some photos from the lab, clockwize from top left: Taylor Wingard and Robert Bentley with with their inverted pendulum; Plasma speaker which works by superheating the air in the purple arc in response to the sound signal, put together by Unpil Baek and Yitian Chen, who are pictured above in the page banner; Auto-tuning guitar (student names to come); Cart that follows taped line, by Andrew Aikawa and Slaman Kahn; close up of cart; "Segway" by Charles Reid and Leo Stenmetz.