Bob Jacobsen Receives Faculty Service Award

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Professor Bob Jacobsen has long been a positive force for change on campus, in the department, in the Academic Senate, and in the UC system. Bob currently serves us as Professor of Physics and as Dean of Undergraduate Studies in L&S. His service to the Division started in earnest in 2000 when he joined the Committee on Courses of Instruction. He then served on the Committee on Admissions, Enrollment, and Preparatory Education (AEPE) for six years, three years as chair, and went on to serve on the systemwide Board of Admissions and Relations with Schools for five years. He also served as a member of the University Athletics Board. He served as vice chair (2010-11), then as chair of the Berkeley Division in 2011-12. Bob’s passion for our undergraduates shows in his current position where he is advocating for a more meaningful lower division experience. He has worked on improving teaching evaluation through faculty visits and on fighting grade inflation through contextual grading. But Bob has always served our undergraduates: he consistently taught additional courses for Physics, including freshman seminars and additional regular physics courses. Physics Chair Steven Boggs sums this all up: “Tens of thousands of Berkeley students have benefited directly from Bob's work. He is a treasure for the University. I cannot imagine an individual more deserving of the Berkeley Faculty Service Award.”