The Eternal Sky: A Short Film about Building the Simons Observatory

Film highlights the science and the people behind the project

Thursday, April 13, 2017

By looking for signs of cosmic inflation, the Simons Observatory will answer questions about the origin of the universe.

Sponsored by the Simons Foundation, “The Eternal Sky” is the first of several short films to highlight the science and the people behind the project. Placing critical importance on understandability for viewers not familiar with cosmology, filmmaker Debra Kellner strikes a balance between art and science. “Not being a science person myself, I thought: If I can explain this with as much poetry and beauty as it deserves, then we can really reach a lot of people,” she says.

One of the scientists featured in the film is Berkeley Physics Professor Adrian Lee, who works on the POLARBEAR (Polarization of Background Radiation) project at the Simons Observatory.

Read more and watch the film here.