Sense & Sensibility & Science

Monday, May 8, 2017

Sense & Sensibility & Science, a course on interdisciplinary problem-solving, is in it’s 5th year at Berkeley. The course is developed and co-taught by Saul Perlmutter (Physics), John Campbell (Philosophy), and Tania Lombrozo (Psychology).  Through lectures from these three disparate disciplines, students explore the use of science to answer non-scientific questions. "The curriculum should hopefully help our non-science students develop an appreciation and deeper understanding of the scientific method," said Micah Brush, a Berkeley physics graduate student and one of the Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs) for the course this semester. Students come from diverse areas of study and are encouraged to learn how to apply science concepts to everyday life.  

This semester, the course culminated in a poster session during which students presented how they used scientific methods to make non-scientific decisions. "We want students to be aware of the biases that affect decision making," said Brush. Poster topics ranged from whether or not there should be stricter regulations on drugs to whether to use Tinder or friends as a resource for finding a significant other. The poster session was held on Wednesday, May 3rd.

Check out some photos from the event!