Physics Welcomes 2017 Segre Students

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Berkeley’s Emilio Segrè Internship is an opportunity for three undergraduate students to enhance their experimental research skills by improving some of the experiments in Physics 111B, the Advanced Experimentation Laboratory. Students start their eight-week internship programs in June and complete their tasks by the first week of August. 

This year’s interns are Nicholas Werby, Rui Han, and Jeffrey Molloy, who are currently making improvements to the course website before moving on to the equipment in the lab.

Examples of improvements made by Segrè Interns over the years include adding checkpoints to help keep students on track for each experiment, creating instructional videos, and refining ways to collect data. Each intern’s work in the lab helps new students gain a better understanding of the equipment and the key concepts of each experiment.

The Emilio Segrè Internship honors Italian physicist Emilio Segrè, a student of Enrico Fermi, who emigrated to the United States and accepted a position at the University of California, Berkeley. Segrè’s work with Owen Chaimberlain on anti-protons awarded them the Nobel Prize in 1959. 

The Segrè Internship is made possible through the generosity of Arlene and Doug Giancoli.