Welcome to the UC Berkeley Atomic, Nanoscale,
and Quantum Characterization Facility (ANQCF)

The Atomic, Nanoscale, and Quantum Characterization Facility (ANQCF) is situated in the two basement levels of Birge Hall at the University of California, Berkeley, and has been one of the primary on-campus laboratory facilities for the Berkeley Physics Department for the last 45 years. This faČcilČity is distinguished both for its unparalleled scientific productivity and for the extensive trainČing of young physicists that has occurred there. Currently, the ANQCF houses 15 faculty investigators who use 31 laboratories within the ANQCF to perform investigations in atomic physics, nanostructure transport, optics, scanned probe characterization, as well as biophysics and quantum device exploration.

The ANQCF comprises 14,852 assignable square feet (asf) of laboratory space (a sketch of the ANQCF can be seen below). Above the Facility are six floors which contain a mixture of laboratories, offices, classrooms and meeting spaces, which are integrated within a complex of buildings hosting physical sciences research. The entire ANQCF facility is used full time for scientific research and research training of undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and visitors.

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