Richard E. Packard

Prof. Richard Packard

Phone:        (510) 642-1664
Affiliation:   Department of Physics, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720
Personal:     Born October 15, 1943 in Rochester, New York, USA., Married (Roseann); 3 children


June 1964: B.S. Degree (physics) State University of New York at Buffalo.
June 1966: M.S. Degree from the University of Vermont, Thesis: "Sonically Induced Surface Deformations by Acoustic Streaming"
August 1969: Ph.D. Degree from the University of Michigan, Thesis: "Detection of Single Quantized Vortex Lines in Rotating HeII"


1964-66 Physics Research Assistant, Univ. of Vermont
1966-69 Physics Research Assistant, Univ. of Michigan
1969-71 Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Univ. of California, Berkeley
1971-present Faculty of Physics, Univ. of California, Berkeley
1971-75 Assistant Professor
1975-81 Associate Professor
1981-present, Professor


1978-79 Science Research Council of the U.K., Senior Fellowship
1983 Fullbright-Hays Visiting Professorship to Finland
1983 Ehrenfest Lecturer, University of Leiden, Holland
1986 NSF Visiting Scientist to Japan Fellowship
1988 Miller Professorship
1990 Robert Noyce Prize for Outstanding Teaching
1990 Visiting Scientist, Dipartimento de Fisica, Trento, Italy
1994 Fellow of the American Physical Society
1995 Fellow of the California Academy of Science
1996 Visiting Scientist, Dipartimento de Fisica, Padua, Italy
1997-98 Miller Professorship
2005 London Memorial Prize for Low temperature Physics

Outside Interest: Sailing and sailing vessels

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