Richard Packard's Sailing Resume


Phone: (510)-642-1664


DOB: 10/15/43
Married, three children
Occupation: Professor of Physics, University of Califonia, Berkeley

Years sailing: 36

Boats owned:

  • 16ft auxiliary sloop (designed and built)
  • snipe class sloop
  • Silouette Mk2 (pocket cruiser)
  • Bear class (23' keel boat)
  • H28 Ketch
  • Tiffany Jayne 34 (past 13 years)

    Cruising experience:

  • 25 years on SF Bay in own boat. also:
  • Four months US and British Virgin Islands, skipper of Columbia 34
  • Mediteranean: sailed Gibralter to Malta on 40 ft sloop
  • Baltic:
  • Pacific:


  • Puffin in Glacier Bay
  • Dancer at North Glacier

    Racing experience:

  • 10 years on SF Bay on own boat sailing HDA division J
  • Transpac race, Long Beach to Oahu

    Special skills:
    I am an experimental physicist who understands and can repair many onboard systems. I can navigate using both celestial fixes and with modern electronics (GPS, Loran, radar). I am familiar with sloops, cutters, ketches and yawls and am pretty good at sail trim.

    *Richard suffers from sea sickness and might not be available for physical activity on the first 24 hours of a passage.

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