Photo Gallery

Dilution fridge Dilution fridge

Our cryogen-free dilution refrigerator cools to 10 mK in about 24 hours with the push of a button. No liquid helium required! The plates shown here are about 30-40cm in diameter. We are performing measurements on a variety of devices in this fridge; the pictures show the fridge before (left) and after (right) all the wiring and filters were installed.

Microwave filter Sample box

We make custom microwave filters (left) to stop environmental noise from propagating down the lines in the fridge. Our samples are measured in shielded aluminum and copper boxes (right, shown here with lids removed) with onboard filters.

Qubit junctions

Tilted view of the tunnel junctions of a transmon qubit. The junctions are formed by evaporating aluminum through a mask at two different angles, with an intervening in-situ oxidation step.