Single-molecule biophysics research group

University of California, Berkeley


Research Papers


  • Sujay Ray, Jigar N. Bandaria, Mohammad H. Qureshi, Ahmet Yildiz, and Hamza Balci. G-quadruplex formation in telomeres enhances POT1/TPP1 protection against RPA binding. 2014. PNAS 111(8). doi:10.1073 pdf

  • Sheng-Min Shih, Benjamin D Engel, Fatih Kocabas, Thomas Bilyard, Arne Gennerich, Wallace F Marshall, and Ahmet Yildiz. Intraflagellar transport drives flagellar surface motility. 2013. eLife 2013;2:e00744. pdf

  • Beiyan Nan, Jigar N. Bandaria, Amirpasha Moghtaderi, Im-Hong Sun, Ahmet Yildiz, and David R. Zusman. Flagella stator homologs function as motors for myxobacterial gliding motility by moving in helical trajectories. 2013. PNAS 110(16):E1508-13. pdf

  • Mark A. Dewitt, Amy Y. Chang, Peter A. Combs, and Ahmet Yildiz. Cytoplasmic Dynein Moves Through Uncoordinated Stepping of the AAA+ Ring Domains. 2012. Science 335, 221. pdf

  • Erdal Toprak, Ahmet Yildiz, Melinda T. Hoffman, Steven S. Rosenfeld, and Paul R. Selvin. Why kinesin is so processive? 2009 PNAS 106:12717-12722. pdf

  • Ahmet Yildiz, Michio Tomishige, Arne Gennerich and Ronald D. Vale. Intramolecular strain governs kinesin stepping behavior along microtubules. 2008. Cell 134, 1030. (Featured Article) pdf

  • Samara L. Reck-Peterson, Ahmet Yildiz, Andrew P. Carter, Arne Gennerich, Nan Zhang, Ronald D. Vale. Single-Molecule Analysis of Dynein Processivity and Stepping Behavior. 2006. Cell 126, 335. pdf

  • Takeshi Sakamoto, Ahmet Yildiz, Paul R. Selvin, and James R. Sellers. Step-size is Determined by Neck Length in Myosin V. 2005. Biochemistry 44, 16203. pdf

  • Ahmet Yildiz, Hyokeun Park, Dan Safer, Zhaohui Yang, Li-Qiong Chen, H. Lee Sweeney & Paul R. Selvin. Myosin VI walks hand-over-hand with its lever arm undergoing fluctuations when attached to actin. 2004. J. Biol. Chem. 279, 37223. (Cover) pdf

  • Ahmet Yildiz, Michio Tomishige, Ronald D. Vale, Paul R. Selvin. Kinesin walks hand-over-hand. 2004. Science 303, 676. pdf

  • Ahmet Yildiz, Joseph N. Forkey, Sean A. McKinney, Taekjip Ha, Yale E. Goldman, Paul R. Selvin. Myosin V walks hand-over-hand: Single fluorophore imaging with 1.5 nm localization. 2003. Science 300, 2061. (Cover) pdf


  • Ahmet Yildiz. How Molecular Motors Move. 2006. Science311, 792. pdf

  • Ahmet Yildiz, Paul R. Selvin. Kinesin: walking, crawling or sliding along. 2005. Trends Cell Biol.  15, 112. pdf

  • Ahmet Yildiz, Paul R. Selvin. Fluorescence Imaging with One Nanometer Accuracy (FIONA): Application to Molecular Motors. 2005. Acc. Chem. Res. 38, 572. pdf


  Book Chapters
  • Ahmet Yildiz. Single Molecule Fluorescence Tracking. Handbook of Single-Molecule Biophysics, Springer (2010).

  • Ahmet Yildiz, Ron Vale Total Internal Reflection Microscopy. Imaging Manual, Cold Spring Harbor Press (2010).

  • “Kinesin Motors: No Strain, No Gain”, Jared C. Cochran and F. Jon Kull, Cell 134, 918 (2008) pdf

  • Ahmet Yildiz wins GE Healthcare/AAAS 2005 Young Scientist Award

  • Ahmet Yildiz receives 2005 Gregory Weber Award in Biological Fluorescence

  • “Walk like a Molecular Motor”, Paul R. Selvin, The Scientist, 19 (2005) pdf

  • “Myosin Motors Walk the Walk”, C. Veigel & J. Molloy, Science 300, 2045 (2003) pdf

  • “Cell's Motor Is a Mountain Climber, Not an Inchworm”, Ron Vale HHMI News (2003) pdf

  • Thomson ISR, one of the most cited papers in the research area of multidisciplinary (2003)

  • Myosin V article was discussed in: Breakthroughs of the year: The Runners-up, News and Editorial Staff, Science 302, 2039 (2003) pdf