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TEM in-situ Nanotube Manipulation: 

Nanobearings and Nanosprings

These images of nanotubes are intended for the public access. Please contact A. Zettl for permission before reproducing any of these images or alterations of them. All rights reserved.

This is a computer-rendered model of a rotational nanotube bearing:

This is a computer-rendered model of a partially telescoped nanotube with a Leonardo DaVinci manuscript as the background.  In the manuscript, DaVinci considers the construction of bearings, and also the frictional forces that might be encountered in bearings and sliding surfaces.  He also has a drawing of a constant force spring (a mass hanging from a cord over a pulley). A nanotube bearing may be the ultimate realization of some of DaVinci's dreams:

Here is the same model without the DaVinci manuscript in the background:

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