Colloquia and Videos

Colloquia and Videos

The Physics Department at the University of California, Berkeley has a great tradition of presenting world-class scientists from all over the world to the campus and public. The annual Emilio Segrè Distinguished Lectureship was endowed by Raymond and Beverly Sackler in 1987, and it honors the work of great experimentalists such as Segrè himself. Physicists who have given this lecture include nuclear physicist and one of this department's first female graduate students, Chieng-Shiung Wu, Nobel Laureate Burton Richter, astrophysicist Andrew Lange, and 2012 Nobel laureate David Wineland, also an alumnus of this department. On October 17, 2014, Chancellor Emeritus and Physics Professor Robert J. Birgeneau will present the Segrè lecture, to be called "Superconductors: Old and New."

The J. Robert Oppenheimer Distinguished Lectureship in Physics was also started in 1987 and has been generously supported by Jane and Robert Wilson. This annual lecture honors Oppenheimer and his legacy in the Physics Department where, in many ways, he started the tradition of theoretical physics. Many of the world's most renowned theoretical physicists have given the lecture including Freeman Dyson, Frank Wilczek, Gerard t'Hooft, Lisa Randall, and Berkeley University Professor Marvin Cohen.

The department also hosts weekly colloquia and special public lectures, such as the Regents' Lecture. We invite you to peruse our many excellent lectures that showcase cutting-edge physics and inspire the broader community to participate in science.


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