The Physics Department currently does not employ full-time computing staff. Computer support is outsourced to Campus Shared Services by the Physics Department. You may request technical support by emailing

For help with PANIC lab computers or any office computers linked to PANIC cluster, see the PANIC support web page.

IP Information, Changes, New Connections

To find out your IP address or to request a new connection for your lab or office, see Anthony Vitan, 151 Le Conte, 642-2242. If you're moving to a different room, you must request a new IP address instead of continuing use of your old address.

Network Problems

If you think you're having network connectivity problems, you may report them to the IST Service Center via a network trouble ticket. (Note that only the problems with the network itself should be reported to IST. They're not responsible for your computer setup.)

Security Incidents

If you believe you’ve had a security breach and you need help and/or advice for correcting this problem, send email to

Mathematica and Matlab Licenses

Visit the IST Software Central website for information about how to obtain licenses for academic computational applications such as Mathematica and Matlab. Access to Mathematica is provided by the department to unaffiliated graduate students via the PANIC computing lab facility.