Spring 2018 Physics Course Schedule Updates

Spring 2018 Physics Course Schedule Updates

7B LEC 003 - 24 seats added!

309A  (LAB) #28664   TU 12-2 PM
309B  (DIS) # 28663   TH 12-2 PM

7B LEC 002 - 24 seats added!

207A  (LAB) #28640   TH 10-12 PM
207B  (DIS) # 28638   TU 10-12 PM

C10 “Physics for Future Presidents” [Class #32246]
Instructor: H Mueller 

11/2/17: Still room in this 3-unit course, cross-listed with L&S (LS C70V #40889) 

Everything flows. Presidents of the US, or of companies, boards, or NGOs, must adapt to a world where ever-emerging technologies are simultaneously a wellspring, a danger, or perhaps key to a rescue mission. 

In the digital universe, are quantum technologies as revolutionary as the reports make it seem? Will they expose all our secrets? In the real world, how bad will the consequences of global warming be, and how will we power the economy? Energy conservation, nukes, electric cars, or solar energy are on the menu. In aerospace, will we colonize mars and mine asteroids? In defense, what will protect us against a rogue organization armed with intercontinental missiles? 

This course will explain the physics, as President, you will have to make — and explain — the decisions.


Physics  98 “Introduction to Physics Research” [Class #28822] – Just added! 
Physics 198 “Introduction to Physics Research” [Class #32264] – Just added! 

Interested in experimental and theoretical physics? Join this class to find out…
- What IS research and what subfields are being research at Berkeley
- What resources are available to help me find a research position
- What’s the best way to contact a professor 


Physics 151 “Quantum Information & Computation” [Class #39110] – Just added!
Instructor: H Haeffner 

Introduction to the theory and practice of quantum computation. Topics will include quantum bits, entanglement, quantum gates, quantum algorithms, quantum error correction, quantum communication and quantum simulation. The course will emphasize experimental implementations of these concepts. 

Course level: upper division and graduate level
Requirements: 137A, or consent of instructor. 


Physics 297 “Careers for Physical Science PhDs” [Class #42115] – Just added! 

As graduate students and postdocs in the Physical Sciences, you are often assumed to be preparing for a career as a tenure-track faculty. Yet, over 50% of PhDs in the US do not end up in tenure-track positions, and many people are left wondering what to do once they graduate. On the other hand, a PhD education prepares you for a variety of careers by providing quantitative and technical skills, in addition to soft skills like communication, writing, and problem solving. Goal of this course is to empower each participant to make an informed career decision, which requires exposure to individuals who have already made the transition to industry. 


Physics Graduate Courses 

Cal Central does not allow undergraduate students to enroll in graduate classes unless the sponsoring department enters an enrollment exception for the student. 

To request an enrollment exception for one of the following Spring 2018 Physics graduate classes, please complete our request form, attach a copy of your transcript and turn in to Kathy Lee [kathyl@berkeley.edu], 368 LeConte Hall, or Amanda Dillon [amjdillon@berkeley.edu], 374 LeConte Hall. If seats are available when the semester starts, your request will be submitted to the instructor for approval. If approved, you will be notified and added to the course. 

Courses Title (units) Instructor Requirements for UG enrollment
C202 Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics (4) C-P Ma 112 and 137B (or a class covering perturbation theory)
205B Advanced Dynamics (4) E Knobloch 205A
211 Equilibrium Statistical Physics (4) D-H Lee 112 or equivalent
216 Special Topics in Many-Body Phys (4) J Moore 221A, 221B or equivalent recommended
221B Quantum Mechanics (5) R Littlejohn 137A, 137B or equivalent
231 General Relativity (4) O Ganor 209 or equivalent
232B Quantum Field Theory II (4) P Horava 232A or equivalent or instructor consent
233A Standard Model & Beyond (4) L Hall  232A   "  (concurrent enroll in 232B recommended)
234B String Theory II (4) Y Nomura 234A   "
240B Quantum Theory of Solids (4) J Orenstein 141A, 141B & 221A, 221B  "  & 240A
242B Theoretical Plasma Physics (4) J Wurtele 142 or consent of instructor
C285 Theoretical Astrophysics (1) E Quataert None


For other enrollment questions: physics-student-services@lists.berkeley.edu