Student Machine Shop

Student Machine Shop

The Physics Student Machine Shop has been a mainstay in the department for more than 100 years – providing hands-on opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students to learn how to safely operate equipment and how to create the apparatuses necessary for research.

A Fabrication Oasis

The shop has 30 machines – from Lathes, Bandsaws, Drill Presses and Rollers to Milling Machines, Benders, Rotary Punches and Tube Grinders. The latter of which allows students to grind and sharpen their own tools. 

It is one of three machine shops on the UC Berkeley campus. Others are located in Mechanical Engineering and Chemistry. 

Spending time in the Student Machine Shop is often one of the favorite memories of alumni. Over the next few years the Shop will undertake a revitalization project/campaign to bring in new equipment and help Physics students stay current on the latest fabrication tools and processes.   

To contact the Student Shop Supervisor, Jesse Lopez, call (510) 642-2496, or email

The shop has seven Lathe machines, which can be used to create round shapes and cylinders.


Bandsaws are used to cut materials into any shape, prior to the finishing process.


Seven drill presses are available to students.


The shop’s five milling machines can be used to create geometric shapes.