Graduate Committees & Organizations

Graduate Committees & Organizations

Graduate Student Representatives 2019-2020

Physics Graduate Student Association

Representatives: Daniel Eilbott, Shannon Haley, Ella Banyas, Kenny Vetter, Gwen Hanley, and Sajant Anand

Colloquia Committee

Ed Callaghan

Courses Committees

Physics 111 Lab: Vicky Xu

Graduate Curriculum: James Parkes, Mario d'Andrea

Equity & Inclusion Committee

Pratik Sachdeva, Aashrita Mangu 

Facilities Committee

Machine & Student Shop: Emma Deist 

Graduate Students Committee  

Admissions, Fellowships, Awards: Micah Brush

Recruitment: Sajant Anand, Ella Banyas, Daniel Gardeazabal, Kenny Vetter

Faculty Search (AMO/CM Experiment, NT) Committee

Hannah Weaver

Faculty Search (Astrophysics Experiment or Theory and Associated Data Science, NT) Committee

Chao Ju

Faculty Search (Quantum Information, Quantum Sensing and Quantum Computing Experiment or Theory, NT) Committee

Prabudhya Bhattacharyya