Graduate Student Instructor (GSI)

Graduate Student Instructor (GSI)

And other Academic Student Employment (ASE)

We are still accepting GSI applications for Fall 2022! 

 Apply for Fall 2022 (GSI)

The application is open to Physics graduate students, outside graduate students returning to be a P-GSI, and non-Physics graduate students teaching Physics at Cal for the first time.

Important things to keep in mind when completing the GSI Application:  

We will accept GSI applications as long as there is a need. P-GSI hiring order is as follows: 1) Physics graduate students, 2) continuing or returning Physics GSIs from outside departments with high GSI evaluation scores, and 3) remaining qualified applicants. 

ASE applications for fall Reader, Tutor*, and UGSI opportunities are open! 

Apply for Fall 2022 (ASE)

 Important things to keep in mind when completing the ASE application:  

  • Hiring for Readers, Tutors*, and UGSI positions will depend on course enrollment and reflect the need for additional class support.
  • Undergraduate applicants must have a 3.0 overall GPA or better.
  • Undergraduates must have earned an A- or better in the Physics courses they are applying to be a Reader, Tutor, or UGSI.
    • Additionally, UGSI applicants must have taken and received an A- or better in Physics 111A and Physics 137A. Learn more about eligibility via the Appointments Handbook.
    • UGSIs may be appointed by exception only. Exceptions are approved by the Campus only if a department is not able to recruit any qualified graduate students (including graduate students in other departments) to fill an essential GSI position.
    • Eligibility requirements mentioned in the above section—Summer GSI Application—for GSIs also apply to UGSIs, including language proficiency and first-time GSI requirements.
  • Visit Berkeley Labor Relations to see current rates for Reader, Tutor, and UGSI pay.
  • Undergraduate Readers and Tutors are not eligible for fee remissions. UGSIs are eligible for partial fee remissions.

*Tutor staffing is in partnership with the Physics & Astronomy (PA) Scholars program and the Student Learning Center (SLC). Successful applicants will be hired as PA Scholar Peer Tutors and receive training and guidance from the SLC.

PA Scholar Peer Tutor Qualifications:

  • Passion for science and the learning process
  • Desire to grow as a scientist and budding professional
  • Strong interest in collaborative learning models
  • Strong interest in serving the science learning community at Cal
  • Willingness to engage in reflective practice
  • Experience working with peers with diverse backgrounds and learning styles

PA Scholar Peer Tutor Responsibilities:

  • Commit up to 9 hours/week
  • Attend weekly training seminars (Fridays 2-3:30 pm)
  • Prepare for weekly training seminars
  • Provide drop-in support to peers
  • Assist in the preparation, support, and facilitation of exam reviews, as needed
  • Maintain course knowledge by reviewing bCourses materials and communicating with course faculty
  • Foster an inclusive and welcoming learning environment
  • Perform other tasks, as assigned: event planning/coordination, data entry, work performance conferences, and general program support, as appropriate

Important note: UC Berkeley expects academics with appointments (e.g. GSIs, Readers, Tutors, etc.) to arrive in the United States with valid work authorization prior to the start of the appointment. If an individual is not able to arrive by their start date, despite their best efforts to do so, the Berkeley Academic Personnel Office will evaluate what to do on a case-by-case basis.

For any questions, please contact Christian Natividad (