Nominate an Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor (OGSI)

Nominate an Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor (OGSI)

2020-21 OGSI Award Nominations are now complete. Thank you to Physics Students, Faculty, Lecturers, and Support Staff who supported the nomination process!

The Physics Department has selected the final nominees for the 202–21 Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor (OGSI) Award. The Physics OGSIs for 2020-21 are:

Nicolas Aldana
Benjamin Concepcion
Mario D'Andrea
Stefan Divic
Elizabeth Dresselhaus
Jordan Dudley
Haruka Ichikawa
Raj Kanchan
Kevin Langhoff
Malcolm Lazarow
Molly Oshun
Jaxon Stuhr
Zachary Weinstein
Kohtaro Yamakawa

Please visit Present and Former Physics OGSIs to view past honorees. Criteria for the Award are:

  • overall effectiveness as an instructor
  • capacity to motivate and inspire students
  • skills in presenting course material
  • skills in organizing and developing course material
  • command of the subject area
  • instructor evaluations

The nomination process for our next group of Physics OGSIs will begin next spring semester.