BP2 and Department Strategic Priorities

BP2 and Department Strategic Priorities

BP2: Access companies electing to support department priorities will also receive all benefits of BP2: Recruit on-campus recruiting sessions, interviews, and office hours; job announcements; and invitations to poster sessions and career-development workshops. Department Priorities support is part of BP2: Access.

In addition:

  • Invitations to attend private dinners with distinguished physicists following the Segrè and Oppenheimer lectures.
  • Naming opportunities at negotiated levels.

Department opportunities where your funding can make a huge impact:

Career Outreach Fellowship:  

The physics Career Outreach Fellowship is a one-year undergraduate student leadership position.  The fellow will conduct outreach efforts to help raise awareness of the career resources available to students both in the department and on campus.  The fellow will be entrusted to connect students with the resources they need, be it peer advising, resume help, interviewing practice or job-search tools.  The fellow will also coordinate lab tours and become the student liaison for career-focused programs on campus (such as CalTeach).   
This fellowship position will play a key role within the physics department as we strive to ensure our students obtain the proper skills to conduct an efficient job search, perform well in the interview process, and successfully launch their career -  be it in industry, teaching, medicine, lab research or the many other avenues open to our students.

Academic Peer Advisor Program:

We are currently in the process of hiring our first peer advisor and we hope to grow the program over the coming year. Our peer advisors will help our students on several fronts.  Peer advisors will offer tutoring for lower division courses, assist with transfer student community-building activities and programs, and act as experienced guides as new students come into the physics program.  The peer advisor will also act as a student liaison for relevant programs on campus (such as the Transfer Student Center and the Disabled Students’ Program).  The goal of our peer advisor program is to extend the reach of our advisors to better serve all of our students, ultimately strengthening our physics community. 


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