Faculty Research

Faculty Research

The Physics Department is advancing scientific research across the full range of experimental and theoretical physics, including condensed matter physics and materials science, biophysics, nuclear physics, and more.

Physics faculty value collaboration with industry colleagues. Faculty will partner with industry closely, provide their expertise, and offer our students practical training in areas that strengthen your business. Faculty Research support is part of the BP2: Access.


Member Benefits

  • Work on a research topic with a choice of one research center or one faculty member in Astrophysics, Particle Physics, Quantum Physics, Biophysics, and more, with his or her consent.
  • First right to review progress on research, rather than the benefits of the BP2: Recruit program.
  • Invitation to attend private dinners with distinguished physicists following the Segrè and Oppenheimer lectures.
  • Naming opportunities at negotiated levels.


Fields of Study

Astrophysics and Cosmology
Atomic, Molecular, Optical Physics
Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science
Nuclear Physics
Particle Physics
Plasma and Nonlinear Dynamics


Research Centers

Berkeley Center for Cosmological Physics (BCCP)
Berkeley Center for Theoretical Physics (BCTP)
Berkeley Experimental Particle Physics Center (BEPP)
Center for Quantum Coherent Science (CQCS)


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