Berkeley Physics offers a Bachelor program and a PhD program with an optional Masters degree. Our industry partners in BP2: Recruit receive a rich set of benefits advancing their professional goals and those of our students.


Member Benefits


On-campus recruiting info sessions

Companies can host two on-campus recruiting sessions per year in Le Conte and Birge halls. These convenient and well-attended sessions allow you to reach a wide range of students. Catch students on their way to or from class--no special trips required.

Companies may partner with our active student organizations by working with them to organize Info Sessions. Student organizations can advise on marketing, topics, and catering (paid by each company), and more.


Job and Internship announcements

The Physics Department will advertise your career opportunities via instant email announcements and the BP2 website.


On-campus interviews and office hours

Conduct on-campus interviews for up to two days with up to three interview rooms per day in Le Conte or Birge, plus office hours in academic buildings. Host office hours in one space for half day in conjunction with company recruiting Info Sessions.


Invitations to Fall graduate and Spring undergraduate poster sessions

Our graduate and undergraduate student poster sessions provide member companies a glimpse of current Physics research. A great way to engage with Physics students and faculty advisors.


Invitation to speak at the Physics Career Development Workshops

This series of workshops provides insight, resources, and interactive talks for Physics students from a variety of industry participants.


Invitations to attend other special events in Physics

These includes include the premium annual Segrè and Oppenheimer Lectures, research conferences, and retreats.


BP2: Recruit Annual Membership Fees

More than 200 employees: $15,000
Between 50-200 employees: $7,500
Fewer than 50 employees: $2,500