Entering the Academic Profession of Physics: A Two Part Workshop

Wednesday, March 30, 2016 - 3:00pm to Thursday, March 31, 2016 - 3:00pm

Wednesday March 30, 2016     3:00 to 6:30     375 LeConte Hall
Thursday March 31, 2016         3:00 to 6:30     375 LeConte Hall

This series presents an overview of the structure of the physics profession in the US, academic employment data, types of colleges and universities, government labs, etc. where physicists are employed, teaching and research expectations, salaries. Discusses how to organize and conduct a successful job search and all its parts (c.v., letters of application, research statements, teaching portfolio & contents, etc.), how to understand the search process and the structure of academic departments: Preparing for life as a faculty member, understanding the complexity of the position and how to prepare for it as a graduate student or postdoc. Throughout the presentation issues of bias and the strategies of women and other minorities in physics are discussed. Discussion is based on current American Institute of Physics data, APS literature, other primary and secondary sources from presenter’s and others’ research.

This workshop is open to all graduate students thinking about their careers and postdoctoral fellows. Helpful for those not so advanced to understand the process of building a career in physics. 

Dr. Anne MacLachlan has presented academic job search workshops within the University of California for 30 years. Positions include UCB Ph.D. Placement Coordinator, Assistant Graduate Dean (UCSB), and senior researcher at the Center for Studies in Higher Education with 70+ presentations and papers since 1996. Her research is on success for women and minorities in STEM, college access, success and career paths and is connected to extensive service from the campus to NSF. She has been funded by the Spencer Foundation, UCOP, UCB Graduate Division, Packard Foundation, NSF, etc. Fellowships include DAAD, (Helmholz) Institute for European History, and Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, AAAS, etc. As a consultant she reviews grant proposals, job and fellowship applications, presents on scientific writing and publishing as well as on graduate education, bias and racism.

FOR PHYSICISTS ONLY, Theoretical and Applied 

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375 LeConte Hall
Anne MacLachlan
UC Berkeley