"Science as usual" in Unusual Times?

Monday, December 5, 2016 - 4:15pm

Many of us have been surprised and unsettled by the recent election and are worried about what lies ahead.  We are all struggling to understand what is at stake, what is going to change, and what we should do personally and in our communities to keep promoting our values. As scientists, we may have a special role to play and we ask ourselves whether we should go beyond "Science as usual" in these unusual times.

In order to discuss these issues, the Department's Equity and Inclusion Committee hosted a community forum, Monday December 5, from 4:15 to 5:45 in room 1 LeConte. 

The goals of this forum: (1) to allow our community to express its concerns openly; (2) to establish the Physics Department as an environment where those concerns are heard, understood, and addressed; and (3) to explore ways in which we — as individuals, as a Department, and as members of broader communities — can be agents for positive change in a challenging time. The forum started with invited remarks from several members of our community — students, faculty and staff — before turning to an open discussion.

Members of the Physics community were encouraged to bring to our attention issues that they wanted to discuss at the forum.  Please share your ideas by email or in person with Dan Stamper-Kurn (dmsk@berkeley.edu) or Bernard Sadoulet (sadoulet@berkeley.edu). 

— Equity and Inclusion Committee

View the blackboards from Room #1 LeConte where notes were taken from the ideas presented by the speakers.

Room #1 LeConte Hall
Community Forum