Condensed Matter Physics Seminars Spring 2019

Monday, January 28, 2019 - 2:30pm to Monday, April 29, 2019 - 2:30pm

During the academic year the Physics Department hosts a series of Condensed Matter Seminars (formerly known as the 290K Lectures) presented by accomplished physicist from all over the world. Please join us in 106 Stanley Hall on the Mondays listed below for an inside look at physics. All lectures start at 2:30 PM and are free and open to the public.


JANUARY 28, 2019

Dmitri Basov, Columbia University
Quantum materials: insights from near field nano-optics


FEBRUARY 4, 2019

Peter Abbamonte, University of Illinois
Suppression of the exciton Bose condensate in TiSe2Cux by metallic screening


FEBRUARY 11, 2019

Dr. Arthur Barnard, Stanford University
New tools for probing classical and quantum nanomaterials


FEBRUARY 18, 2019



FEBRUARY 25, 2019

Qiong Ma, MIT
Quantum physics and quantum engineering in atomically thin crystals


MARCH 11, 2019

Mary Scott, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, UC Berkeley
Advances in Precision Measurement with Electron Microscopy


MARCH 18, 2019

Andy Mackenzie, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids, Dresden, Germany and University of St Andrews, Scotland
Electrical transport and spectroscopy studies of the delafossite layered metals


MARCH 25, 2019

Elke Arenholz, Advanced Light Source, LBNL

Following spin currents through multilayered structures


APRIL 1, 2019

He Yu, Stanford University
Towards Higher-Tc Cuprate Superconductors


APRIL 8, 2019

Guorui Chen, UCB
Tunable Mott insulator and superconductivity in trilayer graphene on boron nitride moiré superlattice


APRIL 15, 2019

Patrick Lee, MIT
Physics archaeology: unearthing a 45 year old quantum spin liquid


APRIL 22, 2019

Daniel Rizzo, UCB
Engineering the Topology of Graphene Nanoribbons


APRIL 29, 2019

Yaroslav Tserkovnyak, UCLA
Topological Hydrodynamics in Insulators

106 Stanley Hall