Spring 2020 Condensed Matter Seminar Schedule

Monday, January 20, 2020 - 2:30pm to Monday, May 4, 2020 - 2:30pm

During the academic year, the Physics Department hosts a series of Condensed Matter Seminars (formerly known as the 290K Lectures) presented by accomplished physicists from all over the world. Please join us in 3 Le Conte Hall on the Mondays listed below for an inside look at physics. All lectures start at 2:30 PM and are free and open to the public.


JANUARY 20, 2020

MLK Day - no seminar


JANUARY 27, 2020

Emma Regan, University of California, Berkeley
Optical detection of Mott and generalized Wigner crystal states in WSe2/WS2 moiré superlattices


FEBRUARY 3, 2020

No seminar


FEBRUARY 10, 2020

Paul McEuen, Cornell University
Microscopic robots


FEBRUARY 17, 2020

Presidents Day - no seminar


FEBRUARY 24, 2020

Yuval Shagam, JILA
Fundamental particle physics with trapped molecular ions


MARCH 2, 2020

APS March Meeting - no seminar


March 9, 2020

Kwabena Bediako, UCB
Title tba


MARCH 16, 2020

Nicholas Butch, UMD
Extreme spin-triplet superconductivity in uranium ditelluride


MARCH 23, 2020

Spring Break - no seminar


MARCH 30, 2020

Vidya Madhavan, Illinois
Title TBD


APRIL 6, 2020

Sid Parameswaran, University of Oxford
Title TBD


APRIL 13, 2020

Marco Bernardi, Caltech
Title tba


April 20, 2020

Title tba


APRIL 27, 2020

Jelena Vuckovic, Stanford University
Optimized quantum photonics


MAY 4, 2020

Title TBD

3 LeConte Hall