Spring 2020 Physics Colloquia Schedule

Monday, January 27, 2020 - 4:15pm to Monday, April 27, 2020 - 4:15pm

The Physics Department hosts weekly colloquia presented by accomplished scientists from all over the globe. These lectures showcase cutting-edge physics and inspire the broader community to participate in science. Please join us in room #1 LeConte Hall on the Monday's listed below for an inside look at what's new and exciting in physics, and beyond. All lectures start at 4:15 PM and end around 5:15 PM. They are free and open to the public.

For abstract and videos for each lecture, including past lecturers, please see our Colloquia and Videos page.


JANUARY 27, 2020

John Martinis, UC Santa Barbara / Google
Quantum supremacy using a programmable superconducting processor


FEBRUARY 3, 2020

Kerstin Perez, MIT
Scanning the Sky for Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter


FEBRUARY 10, 2020

Paul Canfield, Iowa State University
Cooking, Fishing and Jogging through Phase Space: A Practical Guide to Discovering and Understanding New Materials


FEBRUARY 17, 2020



FEBRUARY 24, 2020

Naomi J. Halas, Rice University
Nanomaterials and Light for Sustainability and Societal Impact


MARCH 2, 2020

John Foster, University of Michigan
Lightning in a canteen: The promise of plasma-treated refreshment for survival


MARCH 9, 2020

Oppenheimer Lecture: Leonard Susskind
The Quantum Origins of Gravity


MARCH 16, 2020

Bill Bialek, Princeton University
Title/Abstract TK



Spring Recess



Bradley Filippone, Caltech
Title/Abstract TK


APRIL 6, 2020

Speaker TBA
Title/Abstract TBA


APRIL 13, 2020

Nikta Fakhri, MIT
Title/Abstract TK


APRIL 20, 2020

Martin Weitz, University of Bonn
Title/Abstract TK


APRIL 27, 2020

Phiala Shanahan, MIT
Title/Abstract TK


Room #1 LeConte Hall