2020 Graduate Student Poster Session

Thursday, March 12, 2020 - 12:45pm to 2:00pm

Welcome to the 2020 Graduate Student Poster Session. This year's presenters are listed below. Each poster presentation begins at 12:45 pm PDT and ends at 2:00 pm PDT. Click on the indicated Zoom address to view the poster and talk with the author.

Condensed Matter Physics

Erik Aldape
Ehud Altman Group

Understanding the magnetic excitation spectrum of RuCl3.

Yimu Bao
Ehud Altman Group

Working on the interplay of entanglement dynamics, measurements, and noise in near-term quantum devices

Jaewon Kim
Ehud Altman Group

Quantum criticality and many-body quantum chaos

Shannon Haley
James Analytis Group

Working on understanding frustration, topological spin textures and their use in Spintronics

Nikola Maksimovic
James Analytis Group

Working on understanding quantum phase transitions and high-temperature superconductivity

Vikram Nagarajan
James Analytis Group

Working on frustrated magnetism, quantum spin liquids in 3D and 2D materials

Yi Chen
Michael Crommie Group

Working to understand the local behavior of quantum spin liquids through direct spinon wavefunction mapping

Canxun Zhang
Michael Crommie Group

Working to understand the local effects of correlations and topology in magic-angle bilayer graphene and related heterostructure devices

Paul Corbae
Frances Hellman Lab

Working on understanding how local ordering and disorder play a role in amorphous topological materials

Jonah Haber
Jeff Neaton Group

Working to understand exciton-phonon interactions from first principles

Elizabeth Peterson
Jeff Neaton Group

Using the first-principles DFT electronic structure calculations to study valleytronics in 2D materials

Changmin Lee
Joe Orenstein Group

Working on understanding the effect of uniaxial strain on phase transitions in triangular lattice antiferromagnets

Arielle Little
Joe Orenstein Group

Optical imaging of novel magnetic states

Dylan Rees
Joe Orenstein Group

Working on chiral Weyl semimetals using nonlinear optics like terahertz generation and second harmonic generation

Tian Ye Wang
Zi Qiang Qiu Group

Working on antiferromagnetic spintronics, 2D van der Waals ferromagnetism, and topological spin texture in nanostructures

Elizabeth Donoway & Margaret McCarter
R. Ramesh Group

Synthesizing epitaxial oxide heterostructures to study emergent interfacial phenomena and polar nanostructures (vortices and skyrmions)

Eric Parsonnet
R. Ramesh Group

Ferroelectric Dynamical Timescales

Emma Regan
Feng Wang Lab

Working on understanding emergent physics in heterostructures of 2D materials, especially in the context of moiré superlattices

Prabudhya Bhattacharyya
Norman Yao Lab

Developing new methodologies for quantum sensing at 200 gigapascals using nitrogen vacancy color center in diamond

Bingtian Ye
Norman Yao Lab

Working on understanding non-equilibrium dynamics, including driven systems, many-body localization, and emergent hydrodynamics

Satcher Hsieh and Jordan Hines
Norman Yao Lab

Quantum Sensing at High Pressure

Francisco Leal Machado
Norman Yao Group

Thermalization and Quantum Dynamics: What does the accuracy of numerical methods tell us about the underlying physics

Greg Meyer
Norman Yao Lab

Studying quantum physics using computers, and studying computers using quantum physics

Thomas Mittiga
Norman Yao Lab

Experimentally and theoretically  investigating decoherence dynamics in a strongly interacting quasi-two-dimensional spin system

Chris Olund
Norman Yao Lab

Working on tensor network representations of ground states of many body systems

Derek Popple
Alex Zettl Group

Working on synthesis and characterization of 2D materials within carbon nanotubes

Tomo Soejima
Michael Zaletel Group

Working on utilizing tensor network methods for condensed matter physics

Hannah Weaver
Naomi Ginsberg Group

Multimodal characterization of material structure, self-assembly, and electronic excited state dynamics

AMO and Quantum Information

Scott Eustice
Dan Stamper-Kurn Group

A Laser Cooling Scheme for Ti-Like Atoms

Marie Lu
Irfan Siddiqi Lab

Quantum Computing with Superconducting Qubits

Victoria Xu
Holger Müller Group

Lattice atom interferometry in an optical cavity

Nicole Greene
Hartmut Haeffner Group

Towards Low Motional Heating of Surface Trap with In-Situ Argon Treatment

Emma Deist
Dan Stamper-Kurn Group

Toward many-body cavity QED with addressable ultracold atoms

Jeremy Axelrod
Holger Müller Group

Continuous-wave laser control of free electron wave functions

Astrophysics, Nuclear, and Particle Experiment

Jessica Avva, Nicholas Huang, Samuel Guns
William Holzapfel Lab

The South Pole Telescope : Science with the Cosmic Microwave Background

Jennet Dickinson
Marjorie Shapiro/Atlas

Higgs Boson Meets Top Quarks

Sam Dixon
Saul Perlmutter/BCCP

Understanding Dark Energy with Type Ia Supernovae

Milo Buitrago-Casas
Space Sciences Laboratory

Touching the Sun: The Parker Solar Probe. Breaking news: Release of data for the first two encounters.

Peter Madigan
Kam-Biu Luk Group

Exploring Neutrino Oscillation at Berkeley

(Poster withdrawn)


Vetri Velan
Dan McKinsey Lab

Direct Detection of Dark Matter with Superfluid Helium-4

Ryan Smith
Dan McKinsey Lab

Direct Detection of Dark Matter with The LUX-ZEPLIN Experiment


QinQin Yu
Oscar Hallatschek Group

Determinants of Genetic Drift in Microbial Range Expansions

Jonathan Liu
Hernan Garcia Lab

Dynamic Modeling of the Transcription Cycle with Live Imaging

Jiaxi Zhao
Hernan Garcia Lab

Binary establishment and maintenance of discrete cell fates in development

Student Life

Katie Latimer
Science Policy Group

Science Policy Group at Berkeley