Study on Topological Spin Textures utilizing Full-Field Soft X-ray Microscopy

Monday, October 5, 2020

Magnetic skyrmions are topologically stable spin textures, which have attracted massive interests not only due to their fascinating features for understanding the fundamental physics of nanospin behavior but also their potentials in a wealth of technological applications for high efficient storage/memory and computing devices [1]. In the research of skyrmions, direct observation of skyrmions and their static and dynamic behaviors has been strongly encouraged since it provides a powerful insight into the underlying physics of nanospin phenomena and essential information for their applications. We have tackled numerous scientific questions for skyrmions based on direct imaging them utilizing a full-field soft X-ray transmission microscope at Advanced Light Source (XM-1, BL6.1.2). In this talk, I will discuss some critical issues on magnetic skyrmions addressed in our research: effective creating room temperature (RT) skyrmions [2, 3], controlling configuration [4] and motion [2, 5] of skyrmions, topological stability of skyrmions [6].

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Mi-Young Im
Lawrence Berkeley National Laborato