Chemically tuning the exotic ground states of pyrochlore magnets

Monday, October 4, 2021

Pyrochlore lattices, which are found in two important classes of materials -- the A2B2X7 pyrochlore family and the AB2X4 spinel family -- are the quintessential 3-dimensional frustrated lattice architecture. Pyrochlore magnets are renowned for their exotic magnetic ground states, ranging from classical spin ice to quantum spin liquid. While historically rare-earth titanium oxides (B = Ti, X = O) have played the starring role in this field, the past decade has seen material's synthesis breakthroughs that have lead to new families of oxide pyrochlores (B = Ge, Pt) as well as the emergence of fluoride (X = F) and chalcogenide (X = S, Se) pyrochlore lattice materials. In this talk I will describe how chemical substitutions can modify the single ion spin anisotropy due to crystal electric field effects, stabilize new magnetic atom combinations, or dramatically alter the exchange pathways and thereby lead to new magnetic ground states.

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University of British Columbia